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March 28, 2023

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Political Intrigue LLC Launches Company Offering Tong-In-Cheek Nonpartisan Politically Themed Products

Makeup (Propaganda), Coffee (“The Press”), & Jewelry (Status Symbols)

Virginia Beach, VA - March 28, 2023 - Political Intrigue LLC, the amusing brainchild of former legislative staffer Katherine Schoonover, is giving the beauty industry a hilarious makeover by launching a new makeup line called Propaganda, with coffee and jewelry next on the list. Instead of following the current trend of companies openly engaging in partisan politics, Political Intrigue has decided to take a lighthearted approach to demonstrate its nonpartisan stance by using comical political themes for all of its products and playfully poking fun at both sides of the aisle with witty names that everyone can enjoy. The presale begins immediately on

While some companies have chosen to openly engage in public political activism, Political Intrigue has decided to take a different approach. We believe that shopping should be a fun and enjoyable experience, free from partisan politics. At Political Intrigue, we think that you should be able to buy the perfect shade of lipstick (we recommend “Russian Collusion” or “Orange Man Bad”), or eyeshadow (try “Conspiracy Theorist” or “Pearl Clutching”), and to drink a luxurious cup of gourmet coffee without having to research a companies’ political activities. We want people of all political affiliations to use and enjoy our quality products, without feeling like they are endorsing any ideology other than their own, and to enjoy a good laugh in the process.

Katherine Schoonover Founder of Political Intrigue

“I love politics, but even I don't want every aspect of my life to be saturated with partisan messaging," explains founder Katherine Schoonover. "People are tired of it. They hate when every store they walk into is covered with flags and slogans or good movies are ruined by misplaced political messages. I hear people on both sides complain about it constantly. As a result, a significant portion of the population is looking for alternative companies to do business with that are either providing a conservative option, or that are not engaging in partisan politics at all. Initially, I considered starting a company to appeal to the untapped conservative market share to help balance the market. This excessive partisan trend is already beginning to contend with the inevitable backlash that comes after going too far, and that backlash needs to happen in order to spur the transition away from partisanship. However, I decided that I would prefer to set an example for what I want to see happen by choosing to not engage in the partisan dispute, and I want to do it with an impish irreverence towards the excessive partisanship that we are seeing everywhere today. Besides, these names are hilarious and are making the effort to start a new company much more enjoyable.”

Political Intrigue LLC, a Virginia based company. Our primary objectives are to be an American company selling quality American-made that all Americans can enjoy. Our makeup is manufactured in Florida and our coffee is roasted in Virginia.

Our initial product lines include Propaganda, a cosmetics line that is both high-quality and hilarious, and “The Press,” our soon-to-be-launched coffee line with a newspaper theme in honor of the Fourth Estate. We will also be announcing our upcoming jewelry line, Status Symbols, in the near future. To learn more about Political Intrigue and our products, visit our website at

We welcome any suggestions that you may have for new products and product names, just make sure that they are funny, and if you are interested in selling your American-made products on our site, please let us know.

If you have any further questions, please call (757) 317-0627 or email



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