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Books of Faces


Why do we call each of our makeup palettes a Book of Faces?

Our makeup palettes, lovingly called “Books of Faces”, are inspired by a humorous incident that occurred during a Congressional hearing when a congressman questioned Mark Zuckerberg. In his inquiry, the congressman referred to Facebook as a "book of faces" due to his apparent lack of familiarity with social media in general or the platform in particular.  He apparently thought that it was an actual printed book. This innocent yet comical mistake was a source of laughter for those of us who are familiar with social media and politics. Our jovial nickname for our makeup palettes is not intended to be insulting to the congressman, who will remain unnamed, but rather an inside joke for those of us who understand the hilarity of the situation. Given that makeup is all about the artful enhancement or alteration of one's facial features, we felt that a "Book of Faces" is the perfect name for our palettes. 

Books of Faces
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